Monday, June 21, 2010

Driveway Shopkeeper

I had a lot of fun playing "Driveway Shopkeeper" during Saturday's Community Garage Sale. I had been preparing items for the sale for the last two weeks - I've had a lot of opportunity to clean out dressers and closets now that I am at home working on Zoe.

Everything had been staged in our family room downstairs and I had gone through the different categories of items and noted brands that may be of interest to others, especially clothing. On Friday evening, Jim put together the garment racks that I had purchased at Walmart and helped me hang up everything. I priced all of the odds and ends type items with little price stickers and then printed out signs from Microsoft Word that detailed the prices and items available in each category. We were set!

As any of you that have participated in something like this know, the bargain hunters come early. Even though the sale wasn't due to start until 8 am, people were already roaming the streets before 7:30. We opened the garage door at 7:30 and started putting out our "merchandise". I had probably sold 1/3 of everything before 8 am!

It is always amazing to me the things that sell. After my mom sold a certain item in FL at her moving sale, I will never say never again. And no, I am not going to tell you what it was. I am still appalled. I sold a bridesmaid dress, some hideous t-shirts (that I honestly just put out there to see if anyone would buy them), every pair of shorts except for 1, and practically every one of my odds and ends items. Also tons of other clothes and books. I price things to sell at garage sales because I definitely do NOT want to bring them back in the house! With the exception of a few things, everything that didn't sell will be taken to Goodwill this week.

You meet so many nice people at things like this. I really enjoy talking to them and I'm delighted when they find something they like. You could especially see some happiness on some of the women's faces when they purchased the clothes. I know that is one of the things I'm going to enjoy about Zoe - helping women feel great about themselves!

It was VERY hot on Saturday, so we closed up shop at around 11:45. The sale was to go until 12. But a great experience and one that makes me more sure than ever that I'm on the right path!

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  1. Something tells me that your "storefront" was the cutest and most organized in the neighborhood!