Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Aspects of the Job and an Update on Swipe Fees Legislation

I was thinking yesterday about some of the fun things that I get to do in my new job. While those of you who know me know how intently worried worried worried I am about getting the business aspects correct, I'm making sure I appreciate the fun parts along the way too.

1. I get to read fashion magazines as part of my job. This is actually one I still struggle with a bit, even as I enjoy it! Reading InStyle, Lucky, More, etc. is business research, not goofing off! I still occasionally have to remind myself it is ok.

2. Surfing the web, looking at clothing and accessories websites. Virtual shopping is part of the job of understanding the business, trends, and lines I want to carry. A far cry from looking for solutions to IT problems.

3. Field trips to observe those in my industry and potential competitors. I get to browse, try on clothes, take pictures of storefronts, all in the name of business! What used to be something I might do once every six months, I now do every week!

4. I get to choose the themes, the colors, the logos (with Cori's excellent help, of course). It's all about what I like and what I think my target demographic will like. I don't have to try to please everyone. Or feel bad when I don't.

5. Thinking about all of the details is like planning a party, which is something I love to do. Picking out bags and tissue paper (I'm working with RTR Packaging in NYC on this aspect) and potential programs/offerings is energizing.

On a more serious note, I've discussed the "swipe fees" legislation that has been in conference committee here in DC. It is an amendment to the financial regulation legislation that would limit the fees credit and debit card issuers can charge retailers. The House leaders have proposed that government issued pre-paid cards and reloadable pre-paid cards will be exempt from new swipe fee rules. It will be interesting to see what happens to the amendment when this is offered in conference committee on the Hill today.

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