Thursday, June 24, 2010


Those who know my work habits know that I am a woman of many checklists. My Borders Journals with their chicken-scratched pages of lists, check boxes, phone numbers, and ideas have brought on their fair share of ridicule over the years. You should see my new sets of checklists!!

Yesterday, I worked on determining the items I will need for merchandising in the store (confirming start-up costs) and looking for suppliers. Although you might not consider it when you go into any local store, I have to have clothes hangers, clothes racks, mannequins, merchandise tables, a steamer, and signs. (Just to name what's on the floor - not even counting what I need at the cash wrap desk or in the store room or the office). After going through my lists, I determined two vendors that I will work with to satisfy these needs - Fixtures & Forms in Richmond, VA (taking a trip there on Monday) and Affordable Signs and Banners in Alexandria.

I'm also continuing my search for the perfect location. Prior to meeting my friend Renee for lemonade at Panera last night, I made a stop at a potential location. Looked around at other businesses in the area, looked in the windows of the space, considered parking and traffic. I'm going to get in touch with a friend of Renee's who lives in the neighborhood for additional scoop on the location. And on Friday morning, I'm going to be walking the Del Ray area of Alexandria. I love their Business Association tag line "Where Main Street Still Exists". They have no women's clothing only boutiques (Kiskadee is a retail outlet that sells a variety of things and includes women's clothing).

I'm also focusing on beginning to narrow down the logos. The more I "spend time with them", the more I'm beginning to develop my favorites!


  1. Can't wait to see the logo! And I think I need to shop Del Ray sometime soon. It sounds cute. :)

  2. Come down and I'll take you to lunch or dinner in Del Ray!