Friday, June 18, 2010

Trouble Sleeping

I honestly had trouble sleeping last night but it was for all of the right reasons for a change! I was so joyfully overwhelmed and emotionally charged after seeing Cori's logo designs for Zoe yesterday evening that my mind was racing with possibility!

When Cori shared the designs with me, it was as though I was seeing Zoe's personality and essence come to life. She seemed more "real" than at any time prior to this. Those of you with children have experienced that first wave of awe and wonder when you see the baby's sonogram picture. I feel like I've gotten my first glimpse of Baby Zoe!

Cori is incredibly talented and creative. I am so impressed with the way that she took my words, my colors, my examples, and the writings in the blog (which she kindly read during the design process) and developed the gorgeous designs. We both agree on something very fundamental - letters of the alphabet have personalities. And the letter "Z" has a very strong, vibrant personality. When I first fell in love with the name "Zoe" many years ago, I was struck by the femininity of the name but also the strength and distinctiveness of it. I felt I would be equipping my daughter with a name that would take her wherever she wanted to go in life.

I also must admit to being a "font geek". I love different types of fonts and the character and history behind them. Cori can speak in depth on this topic and is very thoughtful in her use of fonts in the logo designs. She will also produce additional history for me on the fonts for whatever logo I select.

In addition to showing me various logo designs, Cori also created sample collateral using the different logos so I could see how they would look on price tags, postcards, stationary and web headers. It really helps to be able to see how it would translate to true "use".

Zoe is going to be absolutely beautiful!

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  1. What? No sneek peak?? Can't wait to see it!