Wednesday, June 23, 2010

21 Days

I have honestly been avoiding all thoughts of significant deadlines since leaving my technology job. And boy, has it been fun! But I decided last night that I am going to set a personal goal for myself to have my business plan completely written 21 days from now (for my calendar challenged friends - you know who you are - that is July 14th).

I've collected a good portion of the expense information that I need, so that portion is more rounding out any uncertainties and missing data. I'm working on the revenue piece and making steady progress there also. It's just time to stop thinking and start doing!

With regard to the logos, I've been holding them fairly closely - only allowing my family and Jim's family to see them. Yesterday, I shared them with a group of important friends. It is a little scary - like telling people what you are going to name your baby and being fearful that they will immediately insult your choice of name! They are all very beautiful but you just never know about other's reactions. Fortunately, they were quite positive and enthusiastic although they got a little over the top with the creative marketing concepts. But we all need reminding of what NOT to do!

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