Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost Christmas

...but that doesn't stop Zoe!  Fortunately, everyone feels the sense of urgency and is continuing to work on getting Zoe going!

Over the last two days, I've received the remainder of the web designs from Web Designer Mark.  Excellent work, as usual.  With just a couple of comments/changes from me, they are ready for Web Development!

I got a call today from one of my wholesalers to let me know that one item from my Tracy Reese order had been cancelled.  The company decided not to make that item so I'll look at the linesheets and make a new selection!

My buildout plans have been submitted for permit.  And the landlord's architect weighed in with only comments, no changes.  This is very good news all the way around!  And, my real estate friends will especially appreciate this...I already have my first lease amendment!

I got to share Zoe bags with my mother-in-law, mother and sister-in-law!  They are so excited!  I can't wait for 2011 to get here!

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