Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Web Site Launch Scheduled

In my initial discussions with Web Developer Phil today, we have selected the week of February 6th for the launch of Zoe's website!  I love having a firm timeframe - it gives me something to really look forward to!

Earlier in the week, Web Designer Mark had sent me the designs for the blog page and the individual entry/comments page for the site.  While I have used this blog site as more of a "project blog" to share the happenings with planning the boutique, I'll have a blog on the website that will be more store/fashion focused.  I may continue to post to this site regarding my experiences as a small business owner but will keep the two purposes separate.

Phil and I had a very productive Skype chat and I was able to answer many of his questions.  I do have some homework that I've promised to complete prior to Friday morning!  But all enjoyable homework (how often does that happen?)  He seemed glad that I had a technology background - it definitely made our communications much easier!  We also share the same horror over sites that are NEVER updated.  So, we have bonded!

I got word from RTR that the Zoe Bags should clear customs next week and be on the way to our house.  Now the challenge is going to be where to store 30 cartons of bags.  The house is about to get a lot more crowded!

I was able to easily set up my iMac yesterday and am ready to go for the Point of Sale installation and implementation start tomorrow morning.  I'm sure I'll have lots more to report regarding that project tomorrow.  And, tomorrow afternoon I am meeting my architect at the space to hopefully finalize the design elements of the space so we can submit plans for quote and approval.  Right now, we are hoping for build out to be complete by January 31, 2011.  I can't wait!

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