Friday, December 10, 2010


Most of you know that I am an early morning person.  I like nothing better than to accomplish the big things in my day first thing in the morning and I've approached my work on Zoe in a similar manner.

After breakfast and seeing Jim off to work, I sat down to finalize and summarize my homework for Web Developer Phil.  Immediately following, I finalized my homework for my architect.  By sending them this information early, they have what they need from me to get started right away.  (and, as most of you know, I expect everyone to share my sense of urgency!  Doesn't always happen but I can hope!)

Of course, around lunchtime, I found out that I needed to send a fax.  Doggone it.  Off I go in the cold to my friendly Staples.  No one guarding the fax machine this time.  A word to businesses - please develop online forms or accept scanned versions of documents.  Let's put the fax to bed.

In the mail this afternoon, I received confirmation from the State Corporation Commission for my Assumed or Fictitious Name Certificate.  One more business-related step out of the way!

My architect has sent me some base design drawings for review based on my homework responses and our meeting yesterday!  Lots of good things to review over the weekend!


  1. I love your motivation and ability to get it done. I'll take some if you are ever giving some away!

  2. Oh Valerie, there are days when I struggle to work on the unpleasant tasks! I think what keeps me enthused is imagining that this is for my "child", who I love dearly!