Sunday, December 19, 2010

Design Documents and More

On Friday morning, I received the full package of architectural design documents for Zoe's space!  These were promptly sent off to my landlord for review (for their portion of the buildout) and to the construction company for estimating work.  I can't wait to hear from everyone regarding the next steps so we can hopefully get going ASAP!

In a brief burst of energy on Friday, I updated my accounting software with my most recent activity and well as started working again on my Point of Sale software set up.  When I sat down to log in to the Point of Sale, I realized I had forgotten my password.  Fortunately, they have an "override" feature which gives you a code.  You can use that code to make a call to the software company so that they can provide you a temporary password to get into the software so that you can fix your password issue.  So, already, I am on their bad user list.  And yes, every IT department has one.

Once I got over my shame of being on the bad user list, I continued my set-up by completing my vendor set-ups and Category Card set-up.  I also "received" the second PO that we had entered last week for the Immediates that I had purchased back in October.  I have lots of additional PO work to do in the next few weeks!

I got an email from my Account Rep at Velvet by Graham and Spencer with the catalogue for the Summer line!  Oh, what fun it was to look at that and imagine what I'd like to have in-store!  They have the most amazing tops in gorgeous colors with the most stylish takes on them.  Just wearing one of their tops immediately jazzes up anything else you are wearing!

For my techie friends, we've decided to go with Wordpress for the Zoe website official blog.  More to come on the development process!

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