Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy Day

And I enjoy it that way (especially when I am controlling the busy!)

The morning started with me heads down on my homework for web developer Phil.  I have finished all but one item and should be able to finish it up in the morning to meet that deadline.  As part of my preparation for the site, I also set up a Twitter Account for the store (for those who enjoy Twitter, it is @ShopAtZoe)
I am also taking advantage of the 60 day trial for Constant Contact's email marketing program.  I'll be doing some testing, so if you are interested in being a guinea pig, let me know!

One thing I liked about Constant Contact is that, after signing up for the trial, I was assigned an account representative who will help me with anything I need as I am learning how to use the product and testing it.  She called and was very nice and helpful.  More companies should consider doing this - it makes the likelihood that a trial user will become a paying customer.

By the time I finished my homework, it was almost time for the consultant to arrive to begin the POS*IM implementation.  I had set up the iMac at the dining room table earlier in the week, had gathered all of my vendor files containing my orders, and my two boxes (so far) of products.  The set-up process did not take long at all and we set the machine up as the server in case I add further workstations in the future.  As with any system, we had to set up the backbone first prior to entering detailed data.  So, of course, it meant setting up vendors!  (Address Book, for all my ERP friends out there)

One of the things I really liked about the consultant is that he was able to ask good questions about my future plans (especially regarding eCommerce) so that we set up the system in such a way that we were optimizing for the eventual online shop.  Also, he showed me how one field in one section could then be used to print or report in another section.  And, of course, the fun and delightful category codes!

We followed the vendor set-up with Category Cards, Item Cards, and Purchase Order Entry.  He also set up and configured the label maker and we printed some labels as well as installing the bar code reader.  Our poor dining room.  If you feel slighted that we haven't had you over, there is a reason for it.  At least half the table is now Zoe things!

Being the nitpicker that I am, I noticed something wrong with an inquiry screen and one of the reports.  He called it in right away.  Please don't tell him yet what he's dealing with.

After a late lunch, I headed off to Zoe's home to meet the architect and work on the decisions for finishes for the space, storage area, dressing rooms, lighting, flooring and decor.  He also took a significant number of dimensions that will help with my display planning.  We spent about an hour working on these items and then I came home and continued my homework for him!  I have to admit, I love standing in the space and looking out those windows, watching all the activity in the street!

And, I'm already starting to think about the next Market (there is one in NYC called Intermezzo in January and of course the Atlanta market in early February)!


  1. Sounds like you had an uber-productive day!

  2. I would like to receive your test email (and then your regular emails!).

  3. Thanks Renee! I'll include you in my list!