Friday, December 3, 2010

More Design and Back to the Techie World

Tonight I am blogging while listening to Diana Krall's beautiful Christmas album.  Wouldn't it be interesting if our lives had a soundtrack?  I can only imagine what mine would sound like!  Oh well, that is a discussion for another blog.  I love music!

This morning I had some preliminary sketches of Zoe's space from my architect as well as two pictures he took while we were at the space yesterday.

We had just been outside to look at the contents behind the barn doors at street level.

This is a view from inside the space looking at Union and Prince Streets

I am so in love with the amount of light that comes through those windows.  I thrive in naturally lit space.  While we can't light all of Zoe with the windows, I will have a wonderful view to the outside world.

In looking at my layout, I have gone back to my architect for more information on the dimensions so that I can sketch in my design and also begin ordering my fixtures.  I also did a little research this afternoon to confirm whether or not I need certain fixtures (by law) in the space.  I will also share this information with him.

On the techie side, I have become a Skype person.  Since my web developer is in British Columbia, we determined that our best option to keep costs affordable for the international calls would be to use Skype.  I now have an account and have it set up on my laptop and cellphone.  It's going to be a nice thing, just one of those things I never needed until now!

Also, I signed off on the proposal for my point of sale software and we begin configuration next Thursday.  I am very excited about getting this started.  The timing is good as the consultant does a lot of inventory work with clients in January so getting it set up now is a plus for both of us.  This is techie work I don't mind doing at all!