Monday, December 13, 2010


When Jim and I arrived home from seeing a movie on Saturday evening, there were two boxes on our front steps.  They were addressed to me but I could not imagine what they were - I had finished my Christmas shopping and wasn't expecting any other packages.  I was shocked and delighted to find that they were the flooring samples that I had ordered on Thursday evening!  I had not imagined they would arrive this quickly!

They are all very nice but I have selected a Mediterranean Kempas as the floor coving for Zoe.  Based on this information and other feedback I provided to my architect over the weekend, I have a set of plans for Zoe to review that can then be sent for quotation and permitting!  Oh, finally!

Thanks also to all of you who have agreed to help me test my email marketing!  I should be sending the first communication this week!

Lots of follow-up work to do this week to make sure we don't lose any momentum going into the holidays!

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