Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Today, Jim was sharing information with me on the different cards and gifts they were receiving at work from their vendors.  Of course, many of the gifts are food related and are delicious (and addictive!)  He asked "Do you think you'll get anything from any of your vendors?"  I reminded him that this was the fashion industry and, if I'm lucky, I might get a stalk of celery!  No yummy tins of cookies. :(

I completed the review of the architect's design this afternoon and provided him with one question and a few comments/clarifications.  Thank goodness for the internet!  Some of the symbols used to represent things on the drawings were new to me and I had to look them up to be sure I understood what I was seeing!

I also received my paint chips today from Dunn-Edwards in California.  They look even prettier than they did on the website when I was doing the design.  And now, time for a confession.  I found the color that I wanted in a People Magazine Extra that I received in October called "Stars At Home!"  The color "Primitive Plum" was used to paint Audrina Patridge's bedroom.  So, if you are a "The Hills" fan, you'll be thrilled!  (Many of you know my opinion of reality TV....)

Tomorrow I hope to do my first Constant Contact test!  Watch your inboxes!


  1. This post cracked me up. How funny that you found a paint color in People mag!

    We don't get a lot of vendor loot at work either. My last job got TONS though. It was always fun to watch the mail in December.

  2. Juice, I know! In my complete defense, I got a 6 month subscription to People because I was about to lose Frequent Flier miles for Continental and they sent me the offer. I thought "Why not?" I also won a celebrity babies game at a baby shower earlier this year. I must admit, it was somewhat embarrassing!