Thursday, December 2, 2010

Designing the Space

This morning, I met my architect, buildout manager, and representatives from  Rand Construction Company to begin discussions on the design and buildout of Zoe's home.  At one point, there were seven men and me in the meeting.  I thought I was back in an IT meeting (ha!)

Rand Construction is currently contracted to perform the buildout of my landlord's space and provide the vanilla shell of my space.  With their knowledge of the space and team already onsite, we hope to utilize them in the buildout of Zoe's space as well.

I was the first to arrive at the space.  I let myself in and looked around to see if anything had happened since I was there last Wednesday.  When I walked back to the area that is to be my office, I set off the motion detector security system.  It sounded like a car alarm going off!  Fortunately, the Construction Superintendent disarmed it (the panel is in the landlord's space) and followed up with the landlord to make sure it is disconnected permanently!

After everyone arrived, we did a brief walkthrough of the space and discussed some changes to the restroom that the landlord is installing for me.  We discussed the items that will be demolished and also some alternatives.  In looking at a bump "in" within the space, we all realized that we did not know what was behind it.  We went outside and opened one of the brown barn doors beneath Zoe's home to find some brightly lit signs that had belonged to the museum!  The good news is, those can come out and we can reclaim the bump "in" space within the store.

After the Rand team departed, my architect and buildout manager and I discussed specifics of the space - where will my cash wrap be located, how many dressing rooms I want and where.  I explained to them the hazards of blind areas in the space - it would be a haven for shoplifters.  I have a vision for the layout and "flow" of the store that seems as though it will work nicely with what is available to us.

After I returned home, I focused on paint colors.  I love deep, vibrant colors and am especially drawn (for Zoe) to Plum.  I found a color I love called Primitive Plum by paint company Dunn Edwards.  As compliments, they recommend a color called Whisper for Trim and Clouded Vision for an Accent paint.  Their website allows you to apply the design to a room of your choice and I used one of their living room options.  It was gorgeous and had the affect that I wanted!  I sent it to my architect so that he could see my paint color palate.  This will also be a nice compliment to the vibrant pink in the log and the different colors in Zoe Girl.

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