Friday, February 18, 2011

Avoiding the Vacuum Cleaner

After breakfast, I like to go right to work on reviewing and responding to email.  This morning, I had so much to look at!  Based on our conversations, Cori sent me sample designs of business cards, note cards, stationary, envelopes, and contact cards.  Once again, she blesses me with amazing work!  I've looked at the samples twice today and hope to finalize my decisions by tomorrow afternoon.

I spoke to the store layout designer at Barr Display this morning.  I've placed my order for the fixtures.  They will go ahead and "pick" the items I have identified.  I can then give them two days notice when I'm ready to receive them at the store.  That helps a lot so that I'm not quite so stuck with the 2 week lead time.

Another focus each morning is continued testing of the website as well as continued work on content.  I could easily lose myself in this for a long time (but the vacuum here at home called my name so I had to stop having fun for a while).

The trip to the store today did not disappoint!  I can see that the electrical contractors have been busy:

Wiring in the wall of my office

Wall prep around the windows (and still lots of debris in the floor!)

The schedule that I have says that they are working on Monday but I am not 100% sure that is the case.  I'll look forward to Monday afternoon's trip!

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