Friday, February 25, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

Life has been VERY busy in Zoe World!  I think I was in every corner of Old Town Alexandria just this morning!

The rainy morning started at Lloyd House on North Washington Street with the monthly meeting of the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association.  The meeting started out with the CEO of the Association providing a fantastic review of the demographic profile of visitors to Alexandria.  We learned everything from the total number of visitors annually (3.3 million) to the fact that the greatest majority are leisure travelers (rather than business), their average age and average income!

Following her presentation, the Director of Public Affairs for the group spoke about Alexandria's selection as one of the National Trust for Historic Preservations Dozen Distinctive Destinations.  This was the exciting award that Alexandria received earlier this month!  Then, representatives from 10 different membership organizations spoke briefly about their organization, upcoming events, and services that they offer.  I wished I could have stayed until the very end but I had to leave to make my construction meeting on time.

The construction meeting this morning was to review progress and address some open issues.  When I went into the space, some men work putting more drywall mud on the walls (progress!)  The meeting was productive and agreements were made on what to do with additional electrical wiring that is not needed for the store, requirements for core drillings, some slight light reconfiguration, and confirmation of the carpet, base, and paint samples.  As soon as the electrical contractor is done, the wall-in inspection can take place.  The hope is to be painting within a week and a half.  Despite all of the stresses, when I picture how things are going to look, I am very excited!

From there, I went to visit the Planning and Zoning office with the City to see if I could extend the amount of time my "Coming Soon" sign can be up (the permit allowed 30 days of which the last day is March 2nd).  Sadly, it cannot be extended so it will have to come down at the end of that day.  We are currently waiting to install my permanent signs based on the painting of the trim on the outside of the building.  The construction company will paint the trim and perform the caulking work at a time when temperatures day and night remain above 40 degrees.  Come on Spring!

Next on the list was a stop at the Business Post Office on Duke Street for my mail.  Much to my dismay, one of my shipments had been sent back to the shipper due to address confusion.  I've contacted them to see if we can get it sent to our home.  I have thrown myself on their mercy and asked if they could hold my mail for 3 more weeks.  The clerk felt it would be ok but took my phone number on the card to ask the manager about it.

Last night I got caught up with all of the entries into the point of sale system and worked on the website a bit more.  Never, ever a dull moment in Zoe World these days!  (That's how I like it!)

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