Monday, February 28, 2011

Permit Woman

Yes.  I have a new nickname to add to my already large treasure trove of nicknames.  You may now call me "Permit Woman".  I finished submitting the Signage Permits on the City of Alexandria On-line permit center.  I am hoping this process goes fairly smoothly since Zoe already has Board of Architecture Review approval.  I am glad to have this first step done and will hopefully have them approved and in place so that when the exterior is ready for the signs, we can get them put up in a timely manner.

Today was another big milestone in the life of Zoe.  I delivered my first rent check to the landlord.  I am really really a tenant now!

Over the weekend, I received the final drawings of the letterhead, envelopes, contact cards and business cards from Cori.  She has sent out the requests for quotation to two companies and we should have information this week.  As you may recall, we are holding off on finalizing until after tomorrow due to the timing of Verizon's visit and the confirmation of the phone lines.

I'm continuing to work on Zoe's website and got some photos from one of my designers this morning to add to the site.  I'm really pleased with the way it is shaping up.  Oh, and my visit to the site today - it looked like some work had been done but I was really hoping to see more from an electrical standpoint.  I could see where they've marked the floor for the core drills but no core drilling has been done (yet).  Hopefully tomorrow when I go to meet with Verizon...

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