Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Permits At Last

The Construction Project Manager had told me that we should have word on the permits today.  The normal workday went by and....nothing.  I was feeling very glum about the whole thing, wondering what I was going to do next to try to get this process moving.

I'm in Atlanta for the Apparel Market and was on the MARTA (the subway) from the airport to my hotel downtown.  I checked my email and there was the confirmation email!  I was SO excited!  I immediately sent emails to my family to let them know (as they have suffered through this with me!)  Tomorrow I should have a more firm project schedule so that I can move forward with the rest of the missing pieces.  This is a HUGE milestone and a HUGE relief!

Remember when I talked about a potential tagline a few days ago (for the ResortMaps ad)?  I decided not to go with a tagline but instead describe briefly the business "Contemporary Women's Clothing and Accessories".  I really don't think Zoe needs a tagline - the boutique will have a personality all it's own that defies a strict definition.  The young woman from ResortMaps said that my descriptive words were fine.

Busy, busy day at Market tomorrow - 5 appointments starting at 9:15!


  1. Congratulations on your permit! Enjoy Market - I hope you have good weather! Debbie B.

  2. Thank you, Debbie! Weather here in Atlanta was chilly and we got some rain this afternoon but no travel problems coming down!