Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gift Cards

Do you like to give and receive gift cards?  Most people seem to like them so I am in the process of ordering some for Zoe.  Fortunately, the company that does my point of sale software (POS*IM) also does gift cards that work with the software.  I spoke to Candice yesterday and have sent my artwork for the card.  I'm planning to include a gift card as part of the items for the silent auction in May so thought I had been get moving!

I spent the morning doing some accounting and inventory work.  I'm looking forward to developing a "rhythm" in the new job.  Since I am (currently) planning to be closed on Mondays, I am now trying to move much of my errand running and appointments to Mondays so that it will feel more natural when it becomes the new way of life!

I did my daily store visit.  The tall ladder had been moved and some type of electrical box had been roughed in the ceiling at one point.  That was all the progress that I could see.  According to the schedule, today and tomorrow should be significant demolition days so I'm hoping to see a LOT of progress when I visit later today.

I'm eager to see the potential cash wrap desk that Janice found last weekend in Leesburg.  We're going out early to also look at an estate sale close by.


  1. One of my favorite things to do is going to estate sales - good luck!
    Debbie B.

  2. It was a really interesting experience, Debbie. I thought their prices were FAR too high but it was the first day of the sale. Lots of people buying things, though. It is interesting how much you can tell about someone's life when you see it laid out like that.