Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hectic (In a Good Way)

I had such a busy day on Monday and was preparing to post a new blog entry when our power went out (caused by the high winds here in the DC area).  Fortunately, it had been a warm day, so the house stayed comfortable and the power was back on prior to 10 pm last night.  The only negative was that I didn't get to cook the special Valentine's dinner I had planned for Jim (we ended up going out for Chinese).

My day started with a summarization of my Safari and Internet Explorer testing of Zoe's website for my Web Developer Phil.  He has already made most of the changes (we are saving some for my WordPress training session)!  And, my training session is set for Wednesday afternoon!  I can't wait!

Next up on the list was a delightful conversation with Verizon.  Always a highlight.  I had wanted to confirm my second phone line number as well as relook at my order status.  When I tried to do so using their online feature on Sunday, their system acted as though the order didn't exist!  Let's just say I was a little nervous so I called them as soon as they opened on Monday.  They confirmed everything was fine (never did get an explanation regarding why the web inquiry didn't work) but said "Oh, by the way, don't use those numbers on anything...you'll likely get them but there is a chance you won't."  Huh?  So, what was the purpose in picking them???  I shake my head.

I have been so excited about the fashion shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY!  I realized that the next Atlanta Market isn't until the end of March, at which time I HOPE to be open or close to opening.  Since they always show the season's fashions first in NY, I've decided to make a quick trip to the show Coterie on Sunday (thank goodness for Amtrak).  I've made appointments today to look at the fall lines of Zoe's key designers.  I can't wait to experience the NY show!  I'll make sure to make a full report.  (Oh, and buyer credentials were MUCH easier for this show - a recent invoice and a business card).

Yesterday, I picked our a substitute carpet for my office space at Zoe's home.  There is a local flooring shop close to our house (they've done floor and countertop work in my home) that does residential and commercial flooring.  They let me look through their books and find something appropriate for Zoe.  That information went to the construction company yesterday.  Sadly, no more progress on the store since Friday - I'm REALLY hoping (per the schedule) for more tomorrow when I visit.

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