Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My friend Janice called me today as she was driving by Zoe's home.  She reported that there were men going in and out of the store, carrying drywall and big buckets of joint compound!  I was so excited - it was definitely the best phone call I had all day!

After my WordPress training with Phil, I drove over to take a look for myself.  What may not look like much to you is BEAUTIFUL to me!

This drywall framing for space that I reclaimed.  It had originally been a bump-in.

Drywall in the cash wrap area

Restroom area/Office drywall

Looking into the storage area from the office space.

Hoping that tomorrow will bring even more beautiful pictures!  And, a significant piece of joy - the humongous dehumidifier that had been in the floor space since November was gone!  The pile of rubble is getting really big, though.  I think it will soon be time to take out the trash. 

The WordPress session that Phil did with me today was excellent.  I learned so much by "doing" and asking "how will I do this?"  I am very pleased with the logical way he has developed the site based on Mark's design.  And we got a chance to review remaining action items and he has already completed almost all of them.  I love how he made it simple for me to maintain the site!

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