Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Now that we are moving forward with construction, I get to focus on all of those "move in" sorts of things, one of the primary being security.  Obviously, for multiple reasons, it is important to have a security system in place at Zoe.  After researching various options, I met with ADT Tom at the space yesterday to discuss the requirements and configuration.  We put together a reasonable, affordable system that covers all of my needs.

Through Cousin Valerie, I was connected with a young woman who designs jewelry.  Since I'm always on the lookout for unique pieces that are made in the US, I was delighted to see her portfolio.  She is currently selling pieces in two locations in Alabama.  I've contacted her to see what she might be able to design for Zoe!

In Alexandria related news, Neighbor Claire is a docent at Carlyle House and forwarded me an invitation to a significant award that will be given to Alexandria next Tuesday.   Here are the details as they are known thus far:

All that noise and fanfare you are about to hear at Market Square is a celebration - Alexandria will be recognized for just how wonderful a place it is! At noon sharp on Tuesday, February 15, at Market Square in front of City Hall, Mayor William Euille will be presented with an award (what the award is and who is doing the presenting we can't say) in a ceremony with music, historic re-enactors and more. The city has won this prestigious award from the most important historic-preservation organization in the country. As one of a handful of cities and towns around the country - and the only one in Virginia - to receive the honor, Alexandria is being recognized for the independent spirit of its many individually owned businesses as well as its commitment to historic preservation. The awards announcement will get national attention, and media is expected for this event so it's important to show the world how excited and proud we are of this accomplishment.

Kind of makes all of that signage hassle worthwhile!

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