Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Market

Today was a long but productive day at the Atlanta Apparel Market.  Cameras are not allowed in the showrooms or at the fashion shows but I did take this picture of one of the runway areas from above (I think I was about 5 stories above when I took the picture).

They have fashion shows here twice a day called "The Daily Strut".  I got to see some of the noon show this time.

The Market was busy today - it seemed more busy today than it was on the first day of the market in October of last year.  And there were many more lines at this market than at the last one.

It was fun to no longer be a "rookie"!  I had already done a "Fast Badge" online prior to leaving so I got checked in and got my badge in record time.  I knew to snag a large bag that they were handing out to all the buyers, take advantage of the lunch coupon, and grab a lip gloss at 11 (all of these perks for buyers are spelled out online and in the book they give you when you check in).  And, they have free wireless in the building so I was able to keep up with email between appointments.

All of my appointments went well and I enjoyed seeing what are now becoming familiar faces.  I added two jewelry lines today - John Wind and Aurora.  Both are made in the US (Aurora is made in North Georgia) and have fun, unique pieces.  In fact, Aurora's pieces are all unique - she does only one of a kind jewelry.

The rest of my visits were with lines I had purchased in October.  While most of my ordering was summer-related, I had the opportunity to order some early fall items from Tracy Reese.  Gorgeous colors, patterns, and styles coming this summer from all of the lines.

By the time I finished up at 4:45, I had hit that sensory overload level.  And I was much more focused in my shopping this time around than I had been in October.  When I had come to market the first time, I felt like I had to see everything I could possibly see!  This time was focused and managed and I definitely made the absolute most of my time here!  Can't wait to share the new finds with you!

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