Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I will be the first to say that I am not completely sold on Twitter.  I do think there can be benefits to businesses to communicate using this method of Social Media but I also think it can be overkill if not used thoughtfully.  I do have a personal and a Zoe Twitter account.  The personal one I mostly use to stave off boredom while in line somewhere, reading what those people/businesses I follow have written.  It did come in handy recently when I was traveling and wanted some information but was not going to be able to easily connect to a website.  Score one for Twitter.

The Zoe Twitter account, @ShopAtZoe, is used to follow my designers.  I eventually hope to use it to send messages on new arrivals and upcoming events at Zoe.  On Sunday while traveling to NY, I decided to use it for fun.  In the course of the day, I did get my first "Mention" on another Twitter account (one of my designers - LiaMolly).  A moment of excitement!   I'll keep trying it to see if I think it is valuable.

Yesterday, I did some order entry in the morning and still have more to do today.  Also looming on my list is mailing the IRS portion of the 1099s.  Web developer Phil and I traded emails and confirmed that we believe the site is ready for full turnover to me.  He and Web Designer Mark did such an amazing job.  And all done remotely - I've never met either of them.  Mark lives outside Durham, NC and Phil lives in British Columbia.  It says a lot about them that they could understand what I wanted and where I wanted to go with the site.  And very special thanks to Amy for introducing me to Mark (and to Cori for introducing me to Amy!)  The value of good relationships!

Due to a busy schedule yesterday, I didn't get to go to the site until after dinner.  Jim went with me since he hadn't been for a number of days.  The big mounds of debris are out of the floor, which definitely provides a better look at the floor space.  More drywall work and more electrical work had been completed.  Since I have the Winter Shopkeepers Social tonight at 5 across the street, I'll wait to go over later this afternoon.  On Friday morning, we have our first official construction meeting at which point I hope I can get a new schedule to help with future planning.

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