Saturday, February 12, 2011

Demolition as a Thing of Beauty

I had to control the urge to dance in the middle of Union Street after seeing the work REALLY start on Zoe's space on Friday.  The demolition work had been mostly completed in the morning and the framing by 1 pm in the afternoon.  These pictures were taken on Saturday morning.

Look at this beautiful pile of rubble and discarded material!

A bump "in" that was removed - this will be covered with drywall.

Framing for the handicap dressing room.  This space previously had very large rolling file cabinets.

Second dressing room.  The dressing rooms will have doors.

The framing is up for my office space and a small storage space.  


  1. Thanks, Juice! I am SO happy! (Of course, now I want to see MORE progress)