Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Birthday Every Day

Or that is what it seems like as I'm into receiving my first round of shipments of Spring clothing for Zoe!  The UPS man is my good friend now - I automatically go to the window when I hear him stop out front because he usually has something for me!

The clothes are well and economically packaged.  By economically, I mean they are folded flat and placed in clear plastic bags so that they can be shipped in the least number of boxes possible (this is good, since I usually pay for freight).  Each comes with a packing slip so that I can compare to what I ordered and confirm everything was received correctly.  I now have to order receipts that I need to enter into the point of sale system.

I was not sure if they would be working at the site yesterday but when I went over for my afternoon visit, it appeared that more wall priming and electrical work had been done.  I went later than usual since the George Washington Birthday Parade was held in Alexandria yesterday and I didn't want to get caught up in blocked streets or parade traffic.  I forgot to take my phone so I didn't get any pictures but will be sure to do so today.  I had the opportunity to show the space to Shari and Janie on Saturday evening.  They had seen it prior to construction starting so they were able to see a significant difference!

Every day are new steps forward for Zoe!  I turned over all of the accounting information to Joe on Saturday so that he could prepare the tax return.  I'm continuing to work on the content for the website.  Tomorrow I'm planning to submit the 1099 paperwork to the IRS.  And tomorrow evening is the Shopkeeper's Winter Social at the Christmas Attic!

Oh, and I had a very exciting idea for the furniture behind the cash wrap desk while at the grocery store on Saturday (I know...weird place for an idea).  More to come...

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