Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Just Not That Hard

My favorite phrase, especially when dealing with my friends at Verizon.  I knew that it was time to suck it up and contact Verizon to set up my phone and fax lines for Zoe.  After a brief pep talk from my friend and former co-worker Super V, I started the process.  Here's the thing - although I have a new address for Zoe (assigned by the City), it is still the same building as 1 Prince Street.  Verizon provides internet service to 1 Prince.  Yet, they can't tell me if they can provide internet service to 130 South Union.  Despite the fact that I have explained to them that it is physically 1 Prince but with a different address.  Seriously, it's just not that hard.

I did come away with a phone and fax number and a promise that they would "see" if internet service was available there.  Don't get me started....

I also spoke to a representative from ADT regarding an intrusion detection system for the store and am meeting a rep onsite at the store this morning to discuss requirements and pricing.

I made my promised trip to the store in the early afternoon.  They have completed the removal of all parts and pieces of the large rolling file cabinets.  I can't wait to see some serious changes begin!  While in the space, I got a call from sweater/knit company LiaMolly.  My first shipment is ready to go!

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