Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As you can imagine, there are many different opportunities and ways to advertise a business.  My plan has been to minimize on paid advertising since there are so many free ways to communicate with people.  But I am open to tried and true methods that will reach large numbers of people AND be continuous over a period of time.

In yesterday's blog, I had mentioned that I would be meeting with a representative from Resort Maps on Thursday.  Since the weather prediction wasn't favoring a Thursday morning meeting, Sally asked if I could meet her this afternoon.  We had a great meeting at Firehook Bakery on Union Street (just down the street from Zoe).   I had seen Resort Maps at other places I had visited and had been an user of their product so I knew the standard layout and strategy.  The Old Town Alexandria version will have one side that goes from Rt. 1 down to the waterfront.  The other side will be Route 1 to the top of Old Town as well as have an inset map for National Harbor.  The map will be published in April and will be distributed through March 2012.  The maps are free and are handed out at local hotels, visitors centers and participating merchants and restaurants.  I made the decision to buy a space for Zoe on the map.  Many of the other boutiques in Old Town had already done so and this will be a nice way to be noticed!

Since I was so close to the store, I was delighted to see that the brokers had already had the "Leased" signs removed per my request to them.  I worked on filling out the Signage Permit this afternoon (the City of Alexandria allows you to prepare it online) and have asked for a few other items from Affordable Signs so that I can complete the application.

I received a specification from the landlord's architect for the water fountain for the store and confirmed (along with my architect) that it would be fine for installation.  And, I got the final budget from the construction company and have signed off on it.  I have not yet had a report on the permitting process that was to take place today but hope to learn something tomorrow morning.

This evening, I worked on updating my point of sale system with the Red Engine denim that I received late last week.  I can't wait for you to see this denim - I absolutely love it!

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