Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Friend the Tape Measure

On Saturday morning, Jim and I went to Zoe's home to do some early morning measuring.  In order to complete my signage application, I need to know how high off the ground I plan to locate the hanging signs.  There are many other signs on Union that look like the right height but I wasn't sure exactly how high they were located from street level.  Hence our traveling down early in the morning to measure them (so as not to weird out the other store owners).  Plus we can normally find good (and free) parking at that time of day!

Jim brought me a special present when he returned home from visiting his friend Marshall on Saturday afternoon.  Friend Karen had found a gorgeous Garfinckel's box in her attic and shared it with me for decorating the store.  Karen, I love it!  (For those that don't know, Garfinckel's was a high end department store in the DC area that still existed when I first moved here in the late 80s).

Last night, I spent time reviewing the fixtures quotation and identifying any questions as well as determining what else I might need for the store.  It's getting to be time to start ordering these things!  Exciting!

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