Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wholesale Changes

Ha ha - probably not what you are thinking!

In talking with the company that is supplying the denim line to Zoe, they informed me that they have changed showrooms and I will now be dealing with a different person and a different wholesaler for future denim orders.  This is one area of the business that I'd love to understand more how it works.  How does a line decide whether or not to do their own wholesaling (as some of mine lines do) or to use a showroom/rep agency?  And how do they go about choosing a showroom?  And do they write contracts that have to be rebid?  Still lots to learn.

But, if you are looking for some great jeans, I do recommend Zoe's denim line - Red Engine Jeans.  I have two pair and absolutely love them.  And, they are designed and manufactured in the US (in California).

Yesterday was also the day of quotations.  I received the quotation from the construction company as well as the buildout schedule.  I have sent these on to my landlord for review and they have said they will complete their review early next week.  I also got the quotation for the Merchandising layout and was very pleased with it.  I am reviewing it this weekend and have a few questions/revisions but am overall satisfied.

I'm really hoping everything can go smoothly and we can complete the permitting process and start construction next week.  Stay tuned!

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