Friday, January 21, 2011


A day with progress is a good day indeed!

I started my day with a call to the Urban Planner reviewing the signage application.  When I didn't hear from her in the morning, I decided to stop by City Hall following my meeting with the landlord and the construction company.  It turned out that she was out sick but I was able to meet with another person in the office and clarify their questions.  They confirmed that I should get sign off on the signage application on Monday!  And, I've already gotten approval on the temporary sign (that was a different process).  Now, I have to get a sign permit (a permit is needed for EVERYTHING).  I went up to the permit office and brought that home to review.

The meeting with my landlord and the construction company went well.  We were able to arrive at agreement on the cost splits.  The construction company told me that they would have a new price schedule to me by end of day today but I haven't seen it...but they are promising permitting next Wednesday.  I may camp out at City Hall to make sure...

I confirmed another one of my appointments for market, got the freight costs for my fixtures (along with lead times) and obtained my Fast Badge for market entry (once you pass the initial buyer hurdles, it is not difficult to renew!)

I go into the weekend feeling MUCH better!

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