Thursday, January 6, 2011


It has been almost 10 years exactly since Jim and I moved into our townhouse.  When you don't move often, you tend to try to put those annoying "move" related issues out of your mind.  With Zoe, I'm about to "move" so I have to start making my lists!

I feel like we are much closer on finalizing the buildout.  I've identified the changes to the quotation and asked for a contract to sign.  Hoping to have that by end of day on Friday!

I've been in touch with Verizon (y'all can stop laughing now - I know...I know - where is Super V when I need him???).  That's a delight.  The old address (One Prince) has internet service available.  My new address (130 S. Union), which is connected to One Prince, supposedly does not.  Trying to explain this to Verizon is like talking to my cats - no one listens.  I will regroup on the patience front and try again tomorrow!

I've also been in contact with Barr Display, who will be helping me finalize my store fixtures and design.  I have so many different ways that I could go but thought it best to get a design from a professional first.  This is definitely one of the fun parts of the planning!

You know how in every project you do, there is a period where you say to yourself "Oh, could we please get through this and on to the fun part again?"  That's where I am!


  1. If only everything could move at "Debbie Speed" or "Susan Speed"...
    Debbie B.

  2. Ugh - hope this yuk period goes quickly!