Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buildout - Part Deux

I logged in to my email this morning to find a revised buildout budget for Zoe's home.  Still not quite there but closer.  I sent an email to the Project Manager with my comments and questions and had a conference call this afternoon to work through any remaining issues.  I "should" have a new budget and a letter of agreement to approve tomorrow.  The hope is to fast track the permitting through the City of Alexandria.  As of right now, the buildout schedule (for the landlord's work and my work) is projected for 6 weeks.

Also this morning, I participated in a free webinar offered by Constant Contact on the email marketing program that I've been testing over the past month.  The point of the webinar was to show test users tips and tricks for using the software to the greatest advantage.  I was very impressed with the instructor - he made the class easy to follow and answered everyone's questions with no hesitation.  And, I definitely learned some new things!  Watch for another test tomorrow!

I'm currently looking into parking solutions for when I am at the store full time.  I'd like to be in a garage close by and have found two that may fit the bill.  I'll place calls to them tomorrow to see what sorts of rates they can offer me.

And, I sent the signage proofs to my landlord for review.  I was very pleased with the way they turned out and hope that they also feel comfortable with my proposal.  Once the landlord gives final approval, then it is off to the City to apply for their approval.

(Oh, when I went over to the space yesterday afternoon, nothing was being done or had been done.  Here's hoping today's conversation changes that!)

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