Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This morning, I received the detailed breakdown and quotation for Zoe's buildout!  Finally!  And you know I dove right into that detail!  I give great credit to the construction company as they made it easy to follow and understand the pricing and the different components.  But, of course, given detail, I have lots of changes to make!  I spent part of the day talking with my buildout manager and my architect on the items in question.  My hope it to finalize it all by the end of the week so we can begin the permitting process on Monday.  As we all know, nothing has quite gone on Susan time.  But, it just means I'm growing more patient.  (And that's a virtue, right?)

I had a nice conversation with my landlord's architect today surrounding the vanilla shell work they will be performing, especially as it relates to the handicap access.  We are both comfortable and in agreement and he sent me a drawing to review also.

This is such an exciting and scary time!

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