Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Friends

It is good to work with people that you trust, especially going into a new venture like this.  Today, my former co-worker and friend Joe came to review my accounting and progress on the business thus far.  I appreciate all of the questions he asks to make sure I am on the right track.  He seemed pleased with where I am and we've agreed to work together.  I feel very good about this.  (Plus, he got a Zoe bag to take to his wife).

I made a quick trip to the Business Post Office in Alexandria this morning to pick up my mail.  (No, I did not mail myself anything else).  A few more pieces had arrived, including my 2011 business license from the City.  Since my 30 days was almost up, I had to ask if they would extend it another 30.  I was glad when they agreed to do so and gave me the proper form to fill out.

Jim and I developed our plan for hanging the banner tomorrow morning.  We will hang it but tie it up out of sight so that I can easily release it on Tuesday (the official date that I am approved to start displaying it).  Joe asked Jim during our meeting how involved he was in the store.  Jim said "She has me measure things sometimes but then I just stay out of her way!"  But his support for this whole venture is why I'm here in the first place - he plays a FAR more integral part than he ever realizes.

I received a shipment of Chan Luu earrings for spring!  They are lovely and I love the fabric pouches that come with them.  The UPS guy is getting used to me stalking him when he pulls up in the neighborhood.

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