Monday, January 31, 2011

The Ladder

Or, a better title might be "the lack of the ladder"!  Jim and I went to hang Zoe's banner on Saturday morning only to find that the tall ladder that had been in the space was no longer there!  This morning, I sent a note to the construction foreman, Tony, to ask if I could borrow the ladder tomorrow morning.  He confirmed that it would not be a problem.  So I will be banner-hanging (and hopefully have a picture to share with you) tomorrow morning!

I did a few things to prepare for my trip to market later this week.  One of the key things is noting the locations of each of my wholesalers!  Since I'm meeting with all of them in one day, I wanted to be as organized as possible.

The saleswoman from ResortMaps contacted me today to ask if I had a "tagline" for Zoe.  I had not really considered a tagline.  I've been looking at my business plan but nothing is jumping out at me so far that would make a good tagline.  I may go with something more basic and descriptive rather than try to come up with something "cute".  A bad tagline is like a bad name for a child - it pretty much guarantees that business (or child) will be ridiculed at some point.

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