Monday, January 3, 2011

The Year of Zoe

I have declared 2011 "The Year of Zoe".  I think my Mom was a little confused by this but I explained that there were a lot of self-proclaimed pundits naming it the "Year of This" and the "Year of That".  I might as well join in!

Now that I'm recovered from my illness, all of my enthusiasm is returning!  I had a very good Zoe day today!  I caught up on the accounting and checked Zoe's bank statements.  I went by to check the space and went to the post office to have them hold Zoe's mail right now so there aren't any items lost while we are going into the construction phase.

I traded email with my web designer on one final outstanding item that we had discussed the week before Christmas.  I spoke to one of my apparel vendors and followed up with the signage people.  I spent a lot of time working in the Point of Sale system this afternoon, testing various set up methods for the different items.  And I sent out a new test email campaign using Constant Contact with tie-ins to my social media usage!

I'm getting ready to fill out the form for my 2011 business license with the City of Alexandria.  And I'll soon be starting on my taxes.  Oh joy!  At least I have a CPA doing the business side for me now!

With just getting over my illness, I decided not to do the show in New York this upcoming weekend.  I'm going to start making my arrangements for the Atlanta show in February this week.  Lots to look forward to in the Year of Zoe!


  1. Susan, I am glad you are feeling better! Here is to 2011 and the Year of Zoe!
    Debbie B.

  2. Thank you, Debbie! I'm glad you are feeling better too! Rough Christmastime for both of us!