Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Approval, Another to Go

Good news!  My landlord approved my signage request on Wednesday!  I spent part of yesterday afternoon working on the Application for Board of Architectural Review (BAR) Administrative Approval of Signs in the Historic Districts.  In researching the information required for my tax map and parcel, I got to play with the City's GIS system.  Very cool!

I have almost all of the information that I need to submit my application.  I need to take some more pictures of the outside of the space and ask a question regarding my hanging banner.  I'm going down to the City later this morning to take care of these items.

On the parking front, I spoke to three different parking companies yesterday regarding their monthly rates and have determined which one I plan to use.  That is another check box that I can fill!

Following the webinar on Tuesday, I wanted to put some of my newfound knowledge into play so I tested the following things:

  • Scheduling an email
  • Creating a link within an image
  • Testing a new "Reply To" address (this was the third and final one!) by sending a question to Zoe
  • Posting a link to the message on the ShopAtZoe Twitter account at the same time the message was sent
My only "goof" was that I originally messed up the date on the schedule but I fixed that when I realized the message didn't go out (I get copied when the message is sent).  I've gotten excellent responses so far from my testers.  I must say that my absolute favorite question for Zoe was:

"If the Abominable Snowman and Sasquatch got into a fight, who would win?" 

Zoe thinks the Abominable Snowman wins.  Great question - you know who you are!!


  1. I do what I can... ;)

  2. Juice, you frequently make my day! Thanks! :)