Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Catch-up

On Saturday, my mother and father-in-law came up for a visit and we took them to see Zoe's new home!  This was also the first time Jim had been inside the space, since there was an alarm on the space (connected to the landlord's alarm system).  The alarm connection to Zoe's space was disabled in mid-December so that I could come and go as needed.  Everyone liked the location and the proposed changes for the buildout of the space!

I got a lovely surprise on Saturday evening when we went to dinner with our friends Janice and Marshall.  Janice gave me a gift bag with four beautiful miniature mannequins for the store!  I can't wait to use them to decorate!  Janice was my guide for the antique shopping expedition in Leesburg when I found several items for the store.  I had the opportunity to give her one of Zoe's bags and also leave bags with her for Karen and Katherine!

I received a note from the construction company that they do plan to start the demolition portion of the buildout today.  I need to go to Old Town to visit the City this afternoon and plan to stop by to see what is happening!  I hope to have good news to report!


  1. Don't forget to take before, during and after pictures. I would love to see the progression!
    Debbie B.

  2. Debbie - I promise I will and will definitely share them on the blog!

  3. I got the bag from Janice and can't wait to give it to my mother (whose name, as you know, is Zoe). Thank you so much!!! Jim should be coming home today with an old Garfinkel's box that I found in my attic. If you can't use it, just toss it - I don't need it back.
    Thanks again!,
    Karen (Janice's friend)

  4. Karen - I LOVED the box! It will be the perfect addition to the store decor! Thank you so much for all of your support and for thinking of me!