Friday, January 7, 2011

I Saw The Sign

Apologies to Ace of Base.  Actually, no apologies because that is one of the most annoying songs ever!

But I did see the sign today - actually proofs of my exterior signs and my "Coming soon" hanging sign for the interior of Zoe's space!  Affordable Signs first sent me designs for my exterior signs - my two outside hanging signs and brackets and the acrylic lettering that will go on the building.  I had a slight change to the exterior sign design but was otherwise very happy.  They will redo the quotation for me and will send me the final quote so that I can share it with my landlord for approval.  Once my landlord signs off, then I will submit the required paperwork to the City of Alexandria for their approval.

The second quotation included two potential designs for my "Coming Soon" sign that I plan to hang inside the space (so that it is visible to the outside).  I have selected one and will also send it to my landlord for approval and to the City for approval.  They did a very nice job with Cori's logo and understanding the design message.  And they are just so pleasant to work with - I love all of the creative people I've worked with on this project!!

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