Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes, we are still talking about Signage!

This morning, I FINALLY turned in the application for Administrative Approval of my signs for Zoe.  The application covers a temporary hanging banner that would be placed inside the space as well as two hanging signs (one for Union Street and one for the Prince Street courtyard) and Acrylic Lettering facing the Prince Street Courtyard.  The package included two sets of a two page form, photos of the sign locations, a detailed description of the materials, height and placement of the sign, and illustrations of the signs.  The City will review and give me a call.  I'll keep you informed!

I've been very busy setting up my appointments for market in February and focusing on the accounting for Zoe.  I'm finalizing my 1099s and will be sending them out early next week.  I'm also considering a change in accounting firms as I haven't been 100% pleased with the attention I've gotten from my current firm.

I was thrilled that Zoe got a shout out today in my friend Juice's blog!  How cute is that picture of her dog Chloe sitting in the Zoe bag?  I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful friends!

Very exciting news - on Friday, my landlord and I are meeting with the construction company to finalize everything (hopefully once and for all)!  A big week for Zoe!

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