Thursday, January 20, 2011

The F5 Key

When I would teach classes on software in my previous jobs, I would caution people that the F5 key was not the "Turbo Key".  In other words, pressing it to Refresh the screen was not going to make anything go any faster than it was going to go anyway.  But that doesn't mean that I don't personally wish for a Turbo key!  (And doesn't it truly make you feel better to press it anyway?)

Today was one of those days that I was going down my list of to-dos and pressing that F5 key!  I did have a good conversation with former co-worker Joe regarding accounting work.  He is going to meet with me next week to discuss further but we think we can work well together.  I have a great deal of trust in him and that is key to me for something this important.

I had a lovely lunch with Graphic Designer Cori and caught her up on everything going on with the store.  It was fun to get to share the signage designs with her and to know that the beautiful work that she did will soon be on display for many people to see and enjoy.

I stopped by City Hall prior to coming home to drop off my 2010 Business Tax Forms for the 2011 Business License.  With no income from the business for last year, it was easy to fill out the forms.

After arriving home, I heard from the Signage Review team with a couple items from my submission.  One item that I had included did not need to be included and actually requires a different form.  That's fine but it is a little annoying since I went to their office last week, showed them this specific item, described what I was going to do with it and asked if it needed to go on the application and was told "Yes"! (Grrr!)  But, that's not a big issue.  The other was a misinterpretation on how the lettering will be attached to the fascia board but I confirmed with the signage company and will discuss this with the Zoning Office tomorrow.  I feel confident that both items can be resolved fairly quickly - I just need to confirm whether or not I need to resubmit the application or do some type of addendum.

Eagerly anticipating tomorrow's meeting with the landlord and construction company!

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