Friday, January 14, 2011

Merchandising Layout

Yesterday, I received the first draft of Zoe's fixture layout from Alayne at Barr Display.  I was extremely pleased with her design.  Barr's process is to have you fill out a detailed questionnaire and then have a conversation with one of their designers.  I also submitted a copy of one of the CAD drawing layouts that my architect had done so that Alayne could lay in the fixture design.  She is now in the process of finalizing the quote for the fixtures based on the rendering.  I really felt like she listened to me and understood my concept.

I completed a number of other errands yesterday relating to Zoe!  First stop was a US Post Office on Duke Street that is purely a business processing center (no stamp sales, package mailing, etc.)  I stopped in to check on my held mail.  (Confession - I had mailed myself a test piece of mail to the Union Street address to see what would happen to it.  Stop laughing - it's just the way I am.)  I was thrilled that they not only had the mail but also a couple other pieces of mail from one of my wholesalers.

From there, it was off to City Hall to ask my signage questions.  I received quick and pleasant answers and was out the door in 5 minutes.  I walked down to Zoe's home and went inside.  I was thrilled that the construction team had started to remove the rolling file cabinets that had been left by the previous museum tenant.  I took some pictures of how things look now on the inside and then went outside to take  some more pictures for submission with my signage application.  From there, off to CVS to get the pictures printed!  I should have the signage application ready early next week.

I did receive confirmation from the construction company that they would be able to process my permits as a walkthrough review.  However, the City only does the walkthrough process on Wednesdays so we are now scheduled for next Wednesday for the process.


  1. You are too funny, sending yourself a piece of mail. LOVE IT!

  2. I know...I know...I'm such a goof!