Monday, January 24, 2011

Signage Approval!

I got the phone call today from the Planning & Zoning office to confirm the approval of my signage application for the Historic District.  In the course of my errands today, I went by Affordable Signs and placed my order!  I should have the banner pretty quickly and have approval to hang it beginning February 1st!  This was a big hurdle.  Now I need to enter the signage permit so that we can hang the permanent signs when they are ready!

I've confirmed all of my appointments for Market in Atlanta and am very excited about my meetings.  Now that I know the reps and what to expect from the process, it will make it much easier.  Also, I'm flying down the day before so I won't be so stressed and tired from flying in that morning.

My potential new accountant and I are meeting on Friday evening to review what I've got so far and next steps.  And 1099s should go out tomorrow!  In a related vein, I also met with my financial advisor today to review my portfolio.  He was eager to hear about the progress on Zoe and we took the opportunity to talk about how I'll structure my retirement fund contributions once I start contributing again.  We also discussed an additional life insurance policy (to cover Jim in case I left any obligations that he would need to pay in the case of my death) and long term disability.  He will be sending me additional information on all of this so that I can consider it.  I feel so valuable (to Jim, anyway!)

I spoke to the Senior Project Manager from the Construction company today and confirmed that there is not anything else he needs in order for us to go to permit on Wednesday!  He will be sending me the new quote on Tuesday morning.  If you hear me yelling for joy on Wednesday, you'll know why (even my Seattle ladies might hear me!)

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